Binghamton Community Dance

Important Shoe Policy

All dancers please bring clean shoes to change into for dancing (free from grit, pebbles, etc). Soles and heels of smooth or soft leather, or non-marking rubber/vinyl, are strongly advised. Bare feet are acceptable. Dancing in socks is dangerous and is not permitted. High-heeled shoes are not acceptable.

We are fortunate to have fine, responsive wood floors at our dance venues. Floor damage has been a significant concern expressed by owners of other floors we have danced on. Therefore, please bring clean dance shoes to change into before dancing so that grit stays outside! All shoes on the dance floor must have soft soles and wide heels - without metal cleats or nails - made of non-marking material.

Here's Why - Any turning dance occasionally puts almost all of your weight on one foot. Any dirt your shoes can be like rubbing sandpaper on the floor. Hard soles can leave unsightly scuffs all over a polished floor.

Heels that are too narrow (less than 1-1/4 inches in diameter) concentrate the dancer's weight into a very small area and can leave dents in the finish or even the wood itself. Hard heels may also leave stubborn black marks that are difficult to remove.

What shoes to bring?

  • You should be able to dent the sole with your thumbnail.
  • Heels should be at least 1-1/2 inches in diameter and made of a non-marking material. (Check this by trying to "write" with the edge of the heel on a piece of white paper. If it leaves a black mark, leave them at home.)
  • Brush and/or wipe the soles of your dance shoes before wearing them on the dance floor. (These should be different shoes than those you wear outside on your way to the dance)

Thanks! Your cooperation ensures we will be welcomed back to our dance space for many future dances.