Hilton Baxter - dance caller

I started calling contradances in 1999, and English country dance in 2012. I have called for all ages and experience levels, for crowds of over 250 people, for as few as 6 dancers, and for everything in between. People complement me on my clear instructions and calm, gentle style, and a light sense of fun.

In the fall of 2016, I will teach a class at Penn State (Harrisburg campus) focused on contradance, square dance, English country dance and related traditions. In addition to learning dances in those styles, the class will explore historical, cultural and other aspects of these dances.

Over the years I have worked with some wonderful musicians:
  Perpetual eMotion
  Great Bear Trio
  Pete's Posse
  Jaige Trudel & Adam Broome (of Crowfoot)
  George Wilson & Selma Kaplan
  Black Oranges
and others.

Some places I have called:
  Glen Echo, MD (Washington, DC)
  Baltimore, MD
  Princeton, NJ
  Charlottesville, VA
  Shepherdstown, WV
  Gainesville, FL
  Arden, DE
  Amherst, MA
  throughout upstate New York and Pennsylvania
  at Cornell University, Hartwick College and Binghamton University.

As a dance organizer, I founded Contradance in Binghamton! in 1997, based in Binghamton, NY. The organization has come to include English Country Dance and Scottish country dancing as well, and is now officially known as Binghamton Community Dance.

Here are some upcoming appearances:

November 19 Middletown, PA (English)
December 9 Harrisburg, PA (contra)
December 10 Lewisburg, PA (contra)
December 17 Baltimore, MD (contra)
January 7 Wilkes-Barre, PA (contra)
January 20 State College, PA (contra)

Workshops and themed programs available:
  Introduction to contra - a few words, a lot of dancing
  Introduction to English - basic figures made easy
  High Noon Contras - Wagon wheels, cows, hay, tumbleweeds. . .
  Sexy sixes - take hands six! Best for experienced dancers
  Nourishing Contras - Al’s Safeway Produce, Duck Soup and more
  Tribute to. . . (programs featuring favorite ECD or contra creators)

General information and booking, please email me (change to @ and . before sending)

Last updated 11 November 2016